The Ocean Collection Round Atlantic Blue


Minus Plus

Everyone recognizes the images of polluted oceans, and the urge to fix this is high. A big part of ocean plastic waste consists of fishing nets and ropes, which are abandoned at sea. Good news! We found a way to re-use this maritime plastic in our production process to create new unique Ocean flower pots.  In this way we do our part to prevent this waste from ending up in the ocean.

For the ocean collection we use gathered maritime waste, that consists of collected ropes and fishing nets. That makes each flower pot unique and creates different colour tones and a stunning marble effect, reflecting the colour of the oceans. So help to prevent ocean pollution and enrich your home with the beauty of marine waste.

A one of a kind collection made with martime waste like fishing nets and ropes. And this is not the only reason why it is a sustainable pot:

  • Made with 100% recycled plastic and wind energy
  • The pots are 100% recyclable.
  • The changing color tones and natural marble effects make each product unique