Summer is in full swing and there are lots of jobs to be done in the garden. Take a look at our August jobs list...


1. Deadhead flowering plants like roses and petunias regularly to encourage them to flower.

2. Don't forget about your hanging baskets. If you water, deadhead and feed them regularly they will last much longer, even into the Autumn. If there is a real heat wave your summer baskets will need watering twice a day – early morning and evenings are best.

3. Even if it rains, pots and hanging baskets don't get enough water as foliage acts like an umbrella, so keep checking on them to ensure they are moist. Keep up regular watering, particularly for containers and new plants. Stored up rainwater is normally best if you have a water butt. Use an irrigation system for ease to ensure regular watering, especially useful if you are going on holiday.

4. Feed your baskets and containers regularly with Miracle Gro to encourage flowers to bloom into early Autumn. In the height of Summer, feed once a week with a liquid feed. Do this early morning or late evening, never in the heat of the day.

5. Give herbs and lavender a light prune after flowering. Cut back any perennials that have already finished for the year.

6. Enjoy environmentally friendly gardening with peat-free alternatives. Make a difference with either Sylvagrow, Coco Boost, or New Horizon peat-free compost. We recommend adding top soil to peat-free compost to maximise growing success and help prevent plants drying out.

7. Zap those weeds whilst they are in a stage of active growth. If you prefer to pull up the weeds by hand wait until after a summer shower when the soil is moist as the weeds are easier to pull, or use a hoe. Bow also have a range of natural weedkillers available, which protect wildlife.

8. Spray Provanto (or set traps with upturned pots loosely stuffed with hay) to stop earwig damage to Dahlia blooms.

9. Clean your patio, or terrace with Patio Cleaner and treat decks with decking stain. Ensure that any moss and algae is cleared off, stopping it getting slippery in the Winter.

10. Make sure you schedule some me-time too! When the weather is good, get together with friends or family for a barbecue, or relax on some new garden furniture admiring all of your hard work.

February 14, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe