Plant Guarantee

Here at Bow Garden & Aquatic Centre we love plants & know that you do to, so we offer quality plants from the West Country wherever possible, and our friendly & knowledgeable team are more than happy to help with any gardening advice.

We guarantee our outdoor hardy plants that are bought in-store for a year, providing that you have the original receipt, garden centre plant label, and you have followed the care instructions, and the expert advice.

Bringing your plant back...

1. Bring your plant back to our Centre with the original receipt, and the garden centre plant label.

2. Our plant experts will review the plant and assess the issue.

3. If our experts deem the plant within our plant guarantee criteria, we will replace the plant for you, or exchange it for other plants up to the value of the original plant.

Terms & Conditions

Bow Garden & Aquatic Centre guarantees the free replacement or exchange of container-grown hardy plant which dies, providing you have your original receipt, garden centre plant label, and followed the plant care & expert instructions (watering & feeding early morning & late evening in hot weather) within a year of purchase.

We cannot be held accountable for plants that die due to unseasonal weather conditions, such as extreme frost and snow, or very high temperatures. 

Our plant guarantee does, unfortunately, exclude any plants bought online as well as house plants, and seasonal plants such as bedding.