We have years of expertise on all matters of indoor fish-keeping and can help advise you on how best to set up & maintain a healthy aquarium.  With over 160 aquariums of tropical, marine, coldwater fish and freshwater shrimp we are sure you will find something suitable for your tank.

Our sales tanks are individually filtered to mirror the conditions in your home aquaria, ensuring perfect acclimatisation for your fish. We offer a five day guarantee on all indoor fish, inverts and shrimps subject to a water test being brought in so that we can check your parameters and ensure they are suitable.

All of our fish are sourced in the UK and are quarantined before they arrive in store ensuring your purchase is in the best condition possible.

Any fish we do not stock we will happily order in for you.

What fish do we stock?...

Tropical Fish & Aquatic Plants

With over 150 different species of tropical fish in stock you are sure to find something you absolutely must have!  We have new deliveries every single week of fish and plants so you will always find a good selection.

All fish are bagged with oxygen, so a 5 hour journey in a car is not a problem.

We are always pleased to advise on the compatibility of species and to help beginners start up an aquarium or assist experienced fish keepers with problems.

We offer free water tests as part of our commitment to successful fish keeping.

We stock a excellent range of aquatic plants including Anubias, Amazon Swords, Vallisneria and Cabomba plus a few mother plants as well.

Marine Fish, Inverts & Corals

We stock a wide range of marine fish, corals and inverts along with live rock and anemones. Regulars in our stock tanks are Chromis, Damselfish, Clownfish and Caribbean Anemones. Regular deliveries ensure we always have a good choice and can order anything in you may want.
We also have marine aquariums, test kits & treatments available.

Freshwater Shrimp

Now well established in the indoor fish-keeping hobby, shrimp keeping has become incredibly popular and it's easy to see why.  Best suited to a species tank these little fellas are fascinating to watch.  We have many shrimp, so come and see them.
Shrimp need specific water parameters for optimum health and we can help you if you are looking to setup your first shrimp tank, or add to an existing one.

Coldwater Fish

These fish are ideal starter fish for someone new to the hobby or perfect for kids.  Choose from black moors, fantails, pearlscales, white cloud mountain minnows or just a good old goldfish, we have the fish for you. Who says you need to be tropical to be fancy!

Join Our Fish Club!

For a small joining fee you will receive 10% off any fish purchase, this includes all tropical and cold water fish, marine fish, inverts, corals and freshwater shrimp.Plus you will also receive our monthly newsletter which covers new products, tips and tricks and any special promotions we are running.


We stock an excellent range of aquariums including small starter tanks, marine tanks, shrimp tanks and large tanks with dedicated stands, for lounge, kitchen, bedroom, office or waiting room!  The majority are easy to set up, and we can help advise you how.Our shop has a full complement of fish foods, filters, pumps and treatments.We also stock a range of tank decor, gravels, synthetic & real plants, tank backing, bogwood and rocks.Our friendly knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and don't forget we offer free water testing for your peace of mind.