A dream garden is full of luscious greenery and borders with stunning, colourful flowers. We stock an expanded range of plants. We believe the key to brilliant blooms is the quality, which is why our plants are always of the highest standard and sourced from local Devon growers where possible. 

From bedding plants through to lovely shrubs, fruit and ornamental trees, and with one of the biggest selections of aquatic and bog plants in the South West, you will find all you need here. If you can't find what you're looking for, we can normally source plants for you.

Our nursery team can provide you with any help you need... Whether it's advice on where something needs to be planted, or how often to prune it - We always try to go the extra mile for you!

Seasonal Featured Plants


A stunning, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, long-blooming flower. The Coreopsis is happy being left to flourish as long as it's planted in it's optimal environment with lots of sun and good soil drainage.


A plant with a stunning yet delicate flower that comes in many varieties. They are beloved by bees and butterflies—plus, they’re drought-tolerant! All salvias do best in full sun (6-8 hours of sunlight per day) and well-drained soil. Many varieties (typically those with light-colored flowers) will also do well in part-shade, but flowering will be reduced.


Penstemons are such a lovely addition to any border. The bees love them, and they have a particularly long flowering time, with most continuing to flower up until the first frost. They come in many different colours and varieties.


Lupins are striking cottage-garden plants with bold, colourful flower spikes that stand out amongst the green foliage. They are easy to grow and enjoy being in an open, sunny spot.

Cottage gardens are known and loved for their charm and character, with tumbling climbers, fragrant perennials and rambling roses, and we have all you need to create a beautiful one. Cottage gardens can adapt easily to any sized garden, so whether you have a courtyard or a large outdoor space, our team are happy to help create your dream cottage garden.

Firstly when designing your cottage garden it’s important to invest in a quality rich soil to help your plants thrive. Use peat-free and organic compost for more environmentally friendly gardening. In regards to plants it is best to choose hardier low-maintenance perennials, annuals and foliage plants, such as Delphiniums, Lavender, Peonies and Honeysuckle. We have lots of stunning cottage plants to choose from, with our friendly team on hand for advice if you are unsure. When it comes to planting remember you want to promote informal crowding and think of colour schemes, for instance if you would like soft pastels or vibrant rich colours.

Finally adding a curved pathway will entice and welcome people through your cheerful cottage garden. Use stepping stones, gravel or paving slabs.

Featured Plants


Climbing Roses