May is an exciting time in the garden with new blooms, longer evenings & Summer just around the corner! Take a look at these tips on what needs doing this May.


1. Plant up your Summer bedding plants once all danger of frost has passed. Keep deadheading them regularly to help them flourish all Summer long.

2. Clear and replace Spring bedding from borders when it fades, and fork in a general fertiliser.

3. Protect less hardy plants from late frost by positioning them in elevated sunnier spots, and use fleece when frost is forecast.

4. Earth up potatoes, and promptly plant any maincrop or 2nd earlies still remaining.

5. Now is the optimum time for pruning your hedges, but make sure to check for nesting birds before you start trimming. Prune each stem individually on young hedging and only use shears if you have an established hedge.

6. Keep on top of watering during dry spells – invest in a water butt to collect any rain water if you don’t already have one. Using saucers under pots with thirsty plants and ensuring new hedging is watered regularly during the first year will help ensure you have a beautiful blossoming garden for Summer.

7. Start mowing the lawn more regularly, and apply lawn feed; you can also compost some of your cuttings.

8. Keep on top of weeds, and hoe your beds regularly, as well as using preventative weed killers such as, Resolva weed preventer.

9. Protect your plants from slugs using natural friendly alternatives such as, Lava-Lite No-Slugs or Plant Grow Slug & Snail.

10. Plan a garden project now such as, a patio, shed or summerhouse. Get your garden furniture and BBQ now in time to enjoy them for the Summer.

February 14, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe