October is a beautiful time of year. With it, it brings a real change in temperature and leaves changing colour and dropping, meaning more clearing up and raking! Take a look at our October garden jobs here...


1. Rake up fallen Autumn leaves and collect them with a garden vacuum, turning them into leaf mould.

2. Provide frost protection to any tender plants or bring them into your greenhouse if possible. Insulate your greenhouse with bubble wrap. We also have fleece and frost jackets available in store to help.

3. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to invest in a compost bin – left over harvest, leaves and cuttings will get your compost off to a fantastic start!

4. Clear out Summer annuals and replant with Winter Bedding plants, available in store now.

6. Plant Spring flowering bulbs now if you haven't already - it's not too late! We have a range of bulbs and planting aids to help make this job a breeze. Don’t forget to cover ground bulbs with bark mulch to protect against frost.

6. Use Autumn feed to treat and help protect your lawn against moss. It's also your last chance to mow the lawn before Winter fully sets in. Cut the lawn slightly higher than in Summer to help protect against frost. It’s also a good time to trim hedges.

7. Protect garden furniture, BBQ’s, chimineas, and water features with covers. We have a selection of covers available in store now.

8. Harvest any remaining fruit you have before it perishes. Use Kilner Jars and their accessories to make jams and chutneys to enjoy throughout the year.

February 14, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe