It's now time to double check that everything in your pond is running smoothly. By now you should have a beautifully clear & healthy pond if your filter system is working properly. If not, pop in & see our aquatics team, who will be happy to help.

Check our pond health check below;-

  1. Change your UV bulb.  They only last a year max (losing c.10% efficiency per month), so a new one annually or even every 6 months is a must, or you will have green water.

  2. Check your filter sponges.  Rinse them out in pond water. It's ideal to stagger this over several weeks if you have multiple filter foams to help transfer good bacteria across the foams.  It's also ideal to top up your good bacteria levels whenever you do a clean - get some in store. Replace worn foams with new if they show any signs of decomposing.

  3. Water quality test - it's important to check that your pond water is in good condition as prevention is better than cure. Bring a sample and let us check it, or come and get a test kit.

  4. Feed regularly.  Use a feeding ring - this gets your fish eating out of your hand, can help prevent overfeeding as portion sizes are regulated, and helps prevent excess food drifting away into the pond which can lead to water quality issues. 

  5. Add new fish to your pond now (not in humid conditions though).  Come and see us for any advice.

  6. The pond plants on marginal shelves need their roots to reach the water or they will die. So you may need to top up your pond at this time of the year (add tap water de-chlorinator, available in store).

  7. Add plant feed sticks (available in store) to give your pond plants a boost of slow release feed. Like any plant, they are more likely to bloom if you feed them.

  8. Add some "Summer Bedding" plants to your pond in the shape of Waterlilies, marginals, and oxygenators such as Hornwort and Willow Moss to reduce the amount of water exposed to the sun, and therefore combat algae and blanketweed growth.  This will also provide some cover for your fish.  We recommend 2/3 of your surface is covered by plants.  Come and see us for advice.

  9. Add an oxygenating pump to your pond now.  Plants release CO2 at night and to combat this drop in oxygen levels an oxygenating pump will compensate for this - after all your fish need well oxygenated water to thrive and grow.

  10. Always keep pumps on 24 hours a day to help aeration.

  11. Green Water?? Come and see us for some algae and blanketweed treatments that really work.

  12. Herons are very active at this time of year - so come and see us now to get a heron deterrent.  Our experts can advise on the best option to stop your valuable fish becoming a heron's lunch.

If you have any other questions about your pond we're open 7 days a week and are always happy to help with friendly, expert advice.

March 08, 2023 — Becky Reed