Sustainability and what it means to us

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Ways in which we reduce our carbon fooprint

- 100% of our food waste is locally recycled, reducing landfill waste.

- We have installed solar panels to increase our solar usage to up to 100%.

- We support local growers & local food produce by purchasing from local suppliers wherever possible.

- Our lighting will all become 100%


- We grow our own vegetables for use in ourWaterside Cafe reducing food miles.

- Our heaters are air sourced heaters that are mainly solar run.



We are reducing single use plastics by using suppliers with recyclable materials including plant pots & Cafe packaging.


We recycle 100% of our metal & plastic waste, cooking oil & our pallets are 100% recycled. We also recycle 100% of our plant pots & trays.

Reducing Stress on the UK's Water Supply

We are encouraging customers to use water-retaining products. 100% of our water is supplied via a borehole & some harvesting. 

Sustainable Products

We extended our peat-free offering and will phase peat out completely by 2024. We use mainly peat-free grown plants and are increasingly sourcing more. We are promoting more Eco-friendly & natural products.