With lots of us trying to preserve water, and many of us within a hosepipe ban, don't let your plants suffer. Here are some helpful tips to keep your plants flourishing this Summer...

  1.  Collect Rainwater - Water butts are becoming gardeners new best friend. By collecting rainwater, this will allow you to keep your plants watered regularly, even in a hosepipe ban.
  2. Water Saving Crystals - Aqua Gel is a must have for both indoor & outdoor plants. When you do water your plants they will store the water & release it when the plant is in need.
  3. Mulch, Mulch, and Mulch again - Mulch your beds and borders with either Strulch, or Bark to help reduce water evaporation from the soil, plus it will help to suppress weeds.
  4. Saucers - Use saucers underneath potted plants to catch any unabsorbed water that you can re-use. (Be careful not to leave plants in standing water too long though).
  5. Watering Times - To help your plants retain as much water as possible, it's best to water them early morning and late evening when the temperature is cooler.
  6. Regular Feeding - Give your plants a boost of nutrients to help them flourish by feeding them once a week. Remember to feed at cooler times of the day - we have a great selection of feeds for all plants.
June 08, 2023 — David Tucker