Step 1: Select your Cacti
We suggest choosing 5 (odd numbers always work best, so 3 if you’d prefer smaller or 7 if bigger), and select a variation of heights, shapes, sizes and types.

Step 2: Plant your Cacti
Start by pouring 2-3'’ of cactus compost into the pot. Start with the tallest, remove the first cactus by gently squeezing the pot to loosen it. Remove excess soil and place the cactus in the pot. Add more soil around each cactus as you plant them.

Step 3: Add top dressing
Add a couple of large stones as well as small gravel stones - Choose a colourful variety if you want to brighten it up!

Step 4: Watering
Pop your cactus garden preferably by an East/West facing window and water it once a month. If you’re keeping it outside water it every 10 days.

March 31, 2023 — Becky Reed